In search of a perfect shaver

It has been quite a huge things since when I started shaving my beard off. This was perhaps one of those things that I hated doing. But got bestowed me such a great job where your day starts with shaving off your beard. Honestly speaking I have been into this business from the last thirteen long years.

Imagine the amount of time, money and material I have spent just to shave off my beard. Honestly speaking I loved my beard and it was really difficult during the initial days of my job. But I got used to it as the days passed. I have caused great distress to mother Earth by polluting it’s water with my shaving cream and my lovely little beard. I also remember the tons of blades i have used and disposed very casually. I know they have also polluted the environment and most of the blades i used might have finally reached the water bodies killing flora and fauna.

Not only did i harm the surroundings around me but it also made my face dull and rough. Most of my beard has turned gray and my all beauty veins have vanished from my face. At this point I remember a great teacher of mine who used to tell ” Listen, once you start shaving off your beard, the blades don’t only cut your hair but it cuts your beauty veins deep inside your face” . I would say it to be correct. I have experienced it myself. My face is so hard and stiff. My kids don’t let me kiss there soft checks because my beard pinches them. What a sorry state of affairs here.

I am left with no choice now. If I don’t shave for a day or two, my whole face starts itching. Even I get scary pimples as well. At the same time shaving daily is so irritating as it causes cuts and rashes on my face.

Now that Technology has evolved, so have the ways of shaving. Now time has come to embrace new gadgets that make life easy and keep our environment green. Yes you are guessing it right. I am switching to a battery posted shaver. Blades and shaving creams are soon going to be things of past. Our mother Earth will again breath fresh air. Humans will have to stop polluting Earth by embracing newest technology.

Electric Shavers are best choice. I love electric Shavers. Such great comfort and forget cut marks and blood all over you face. Cuts you water bills add well. My cousin is using this shaver kind of thing and I enjoyed shaving with it.

After a few minutes of research online I found Philips shaver breast Marsh fire me. So I directly opened Amazon and got this wonders gadget ordered. Once I get the product, I will definitely share my views and let you know.

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